A DOG owner has told of her horror after her pet was attacked by a pack of seven dogs being walked by one person.

Carolyn Hewson said six border collies and a husky that were on the lead attacked her dog as she spoke to their owner.

She said: “One of them had her face in its jaws and she had two puncture wounds on her trunk. She was saved by the fact that she has a thick woolly coat and had a harness on.

“The police and the dog warden couldn’t do anything because the dogs that attacked her were on the lead. A pack of dogs weighing the combined weight that those dogs do cannot possibly be controlled when they go in one direction.

“To be a safe dog walker and for children to be safe we should limit the number of dogs walked in Darlington to four.”

“She has recovered physically, but she is very anxious. She is terrified of border collies. She has tried to run home four times when she has seen border collies.”

The owner of the pack of dogs said he appreciated a “very frightening situation” had happened, but the facts of the event would “always be discussed from different points”.

He said took his dogs to shows across the country and for them to have launch an unprovoked attack on another dog would have been totally out of character.

He said: “If the present rules are enforced there wouldn’t be a need to limit the number of dogs.”