A MAN who has struggled to accept relationship breakdowns has been jailed for his latest campaign of harassment against a recent former partner.

Shaun Edward Heslop received a 12-month prison sentence at Durham Crown Court after admitting stalking, causing serious harm or distress, at a hearing, before magistrates, last month.

The 54-year-old defendant, of Eighth Avenue, Chester-le-Street, was back before the court as a result of his response to a split with his then partner, in 2017.

Nigel Soppitt, prosecuting, said Heslop repeatedly rang the woman in the aftermath in the hope of reviving the relationship, but she blocked his calls.

His behaviour included persistently turning up at her house and at other places where he knew she might be, including waiting for her outside her weekly dance class and in the car park where she went shopping.

Mr Soppitt said Heslop would park in an adjoining bay and on one occasion blocked her drive way.

He accused her of seeing someone else and appeared to find it hard to accept the separation.

The offence related to his conduct to the woman covering a period from July 1 to September 25 this year.

But Mr Soppitt told the court the defendant has relevant offending history as his antecedents include brandishing a shotgun at a former partner, for which he received a five-year sentence in 2000, plus harassment of the same woman in 2012, for which he received a 16-month sentence, as well as a previous harassment of his ex-partner in the latest case.

David Callan, for Heslop, said he had to cope with a previous family tragedy for which he has since received treatment for depression.

Jailing Heslop, Judge Jonathan Carroll said, given his previous record, he could not suspend the sentence.

He also put in place a five-year restraining order prohibiting him from any form of approach or contact with his victim in the latest case.