Rock star Meat Loaf has pledged to carry on despite falling ill at his Halloween gig.

The singer walked off stage six songs into his set at the Newcastle Arena complaining that he felt unwell.

Fans had paid £35 for a ticket to see him at the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena and the gig was completely sold out.

Staff at his Tyneside hotel said 60-year-old Meat Loaf - real name Marvin Aday - did not want to speak to the press.

It also emerged that he had barred photographers from taking pictures at the gig.

A spokesperson for the Arena said that the US actor and singer was suffering from inflammation of the larynx.

Phil Cammish, 23, a marketing executive, of Heaton, Newcastle, said: "It was after he played 'Not A Dry Eye In The House' and he started saying; "This is my last ever gig, this is my last ever song. Thanks for 30 years, I can't do this anymore."

"Everyone looked at each other and wondered what was going on, from where we were sitting we could see him walk off stage and then a St John's Ambulance crew ushered him away.

"We waited for an announcement, and then they said over the P.A that 'due to an illness' the gig had been cancelled.

"When we went outside I saw a man dressed up as Meat Loaf weeping on the steps, he was that devastated.

"We weren't sure what to make of it, everyone during the gig was commenting that they thought he was plastered.

"He kept having emotional talks during the gig and was telling stories about his children and slurring his words, he was saying things that had nothing to do with the gig.

"He sounded awful all night. His backing singers had to carry him through most of the songs. He couldn't finish some of his hits."

Meat Loaf was on his 'Three Bats' tour and managed to rattle his way through Life Is A Lemon and was about to start singing Paradise By The Dashboard Light but only made it through three words.

Mr Cammish added: "I'm a lifelong Meat Loaf fan and I was pretty gutted about it all, but I hope it's not really his last ever gig."

Arena bosses said that fans who attended the show are unlikely to get their money back as it had been running for at least an hour before Meat Loaf had to quit the stage.

Meat Loaf is due to play in Birmingham on Friday, followed by Manchester, Nottingham, London and Cardiff, though there was no word from the singer's camp tonight over whether the shows will take place.

Meat Loaf's promoter Andrew Miller said: ""He is just exhausted. I've just spoken to his doctor, and its clear its just exhaustion and stress. He'll be fine, and hopefully on stage in Birmingham on Friday. We hope that 24 hour rest will get him better. Those claims that it was his last ever gig last night are totally unfounded. I was backstage with him last night and he apologised to say 'I'm just exhausted'. Its not his last ever gig, that's for sure."

But when the intro to Paradise By The Dashboard Light began, Meat Loaf began to look uncomfortable and the intro stretched over two minutes.

His daughter, Pearl Aday, who was his support act, had been standing in the wings and also looking uncomfortable.

He sung the first line and stopped. "I can no longer continue," he stated to the stunned crowd, many of whom thought it a Halloween prank.

But he continued: "I take off my coat and thank you for 30 years," before leaving the stage, possibly never to return.

Fans were stunned. Kim Wilson, of Newcastle, said: "The hall was in shock as he left the stage, as he declared, for the very last time. His voice may have faltered but his charisma and presence remained as huge as ever.

"He did croak for about an hour though."

The performer has been hinting at quitting touring for some time.

A doctorhad been called to the Arena earlier in the day and paramedics were on-hand with oxygen if needed during the gig.

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