THE Northern Echo spoke to members of the public about the upcoming general election on December 12.

MPs have backed Boris Johnson's demands to turn to the opinions of the country in an attempt to bring the Brexit ordeal to a close and finalise a decision.

MPs vote for general election to be held on December 12

The Northern Echo:

Sandra Young, 58, of Chester-le-Street, expressed her support of the election.

She said: “I think that the election is a good idea, it will hopefully help to get Brexit out of the way.

"Johnson needs to kick labour into touch because they’re more interested in their own pockets.”

The Northern Echo:

However, Tasha Miller, 23, of Bishop Auckland, said: “The Tories are making a mess of this.

"I don’t think we should leave, and I think there should be a second referendum.”

The Northern Echo:

Val Smith, 81, of Bishop Auckland, said: “I was a war baby, and I feel that we’ve always done well independently.

"We stood alone at the beginning of the war.”

Although perspectives differed, a reoccurring opinion was clear- that Brexit had taken too long and people wanted it to come to a solution.

The Northern Echo:

Michael Nolan, 65, of Newcastle, said: “I hope that the election will get Brexit out of the way, it’s a complete farce.”

The Northern Echo:

John Rodgers, 73, of Tow Law, said: “The government needs sorting out, Brexit has been dragged out for far too long.

"We should have been out by now.”

The Northern Echo:

Julie Robson, 54, of Crook, said: “The election is possibly a good thing, Brexit has been going on so long we just want it sorted out.”

The Northern Echo:

Brenda Cullen, 76, of Bishop Auckland, said: “I think the election is a good thing because the government can’t carry on the way they are.

"The deadline extension is the best thing for Brexit.”

The Commons voted 438 to 20 at a third reading to approve the one-page bill which proclaims that the election should be held on December 12.

Prior to that, MPs had voted 315 to 295 in rejection of a Labour amendment for the proposed polling day to be moved to December 9.

As a result of the vote Parliament will be dissolved on November 6 in preparation for the election.