We asked shoppers in Darlington who they might be voting for in the forthcoming general election.

Rose Treddina, 72, from Darlington, said: “Unfortunately this time I’m voting Conservative, for Boris. He’s a loose cannon, but I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn. But you never know, look at the Americans, look what they got, I don’t know how it happened but it did. His mouth goes away with him sometimes but he’s got a lot done.”

David Husband, 72, said of Boris Johnson: “He’s the one that shows a bit of guts. I voted to come out of Europe. I remember this country before we went into Europe and it was a better country.

“We were ruled from Westminster instead of Brussels, I’ve waited 40-something years to get that vote. What we need to find out is all of these elected MPs, what they’re really voting for, because a lot of them are voting for remain.

“Back then every body had a job, we exported to the world, we didn’t have Europe telling us who we could export to. Middlesbrough’s docks were full of ships.”

Of Labour, he said: “If Corbyn gets in, as far as I’m concerned, the country will be ruined, because he’ll give everything away to people who are not prepared to try for this country.”

John Tall, 72, said he would be voting for “anybody but Boris Johnson, because he’s a lying charlatan, I wouldn’t trust him with anything and I have nowhere to go, Corbyn is almost as bad, Jo Swinson is not very impressive, so where do I go? I have no where to go because there are two extremes that I can’t vote for. It’s sad really.”

When asked who she will be voting for, Gillian Malia, 64, said: “I won’t, not now, I’m totally cheesed off with them all. I feel let down, we voted and they haven’t listened to us, I just think they’re out for themselves. They should have worked together.”

Chris Beccings, aged 71, when asked who he will be voting for, said: “Labour, always have done always will do. There’s never been anything good ever come out of a Conservative government.”