A VIOLENT thug who attacked a fellow inmate with an adapted weapon has been given a total sentence of 13 years.

Daniel Illingworth stabbed the man three times to the head, chin and throat when he launched the unprovoked attack while serving in Stockton’s Holme House Prison.

The 29-year-old pleaded guilty to wounding with intent following the attack in July, 2018, when he targeted his victim, Stephen Holman, as the inmates were making their way to the dining area.

Teesside Crown Court heard the defendant was already serving a ten-year sentence when he used hand-crafted weapons to launch two similar unprovoked prison attacks in 2015.

Rachel Masters, prosecuting, said a female officer who was accompanying the inmates saw Illingworth launch himself towards Mr Holman and attack him.

She said: “As she got closer to the defendant, she could see what was a white handled toothbrush or cutlery which had a blade on the end of it.”

David Comb, mitigating, said a psychiatric report had been carried out into his client and had identified a number of problems.

Sentencing Illingworth to eight years in prison and an additional five-year extended licence, Judge Stephen Ashurst said he had considered a life sentence for the defendant but "thankfully" the injuries Mr Holman suffered were not significant.