DARLINGTON MP Jenny Chapman has revealed Labour's pledge of a second Brexit referendum would include options for Boris Johnson's Brexit deal and remain - but not no-deal.

Jenny Chapman also confirmed she would vote remain in the referendum, adding the deal negotiated by the Prime Minister was "absolutely worse than Theresa's May deal".

Ms Chapman said Labour would back the deal in a vote in the House of Commons on the basis that it would be put to a confirmatory referendum.

Speaking to The Northern Echo, she said: “I haven’t read the full deal yet but I can imagine I would vote remain, but my vote is no more or less important than anyone else. That is the beauty of our democracy. Every vote from each constituent counts the same.

“Yes I am representing the people who voted leave, but I am representing the 40 per cent who voted remain, and the 20-year-olds who couldn’t vote last time. There are also differences amongst the leave voters, some don’t care and just want to leave, but some are really worried about the prospect of leaving without a deal. Even Nigel Farage doesn’t like this deal.”

The announcement came as Mr Johnson was heading for a crunch EU summit in Brussels and follows days of intense negotiations.

However, he is expected to face a tough task getting the agreement through Parliament.

With the Commons expected to sit on Saturday to discuss it - the first weekend session for 37 years - the DUP insisted it still could not yet back the Government's Brexit plans.

Ms Chapman added: “It is absolutely worse than the deal Theresa May brought back. He has gone and made the same mistakes again, and I am not sure why he’s got in the position again without the support of the DUP. Boris Johnson called the first deal a surrender deal, so what does it say about this?

“Things are moving fast and no one knows what will happen in the next 48 hours, but there are clearly concerns from the ERG and DUP. Labour’s position is the deal needs to have the consent of the British people (in the form of a confirmatory referendum)."