MILLIE the missing moggy has turned up safe and well – as an ‘aristocat’ living the high life at a five-star hotel, spa and golf complex.

The tabby’s owners were heartbroken when she disappeared soon after they’d moved to a new house in the village of Hurworth Place, near Darlington.

The Warr family feared the worst but Millie’s become a “VIP guest” at the luxurious Rockliffe Hall golf and spa hotel less than a mile away and is enjoying being pampered.

The Northern Echo: Sasha Warr and Oscar at Rockliffe Hall HotelSasha Warr and Oscar at Rockliffe Hall Hotel

“We were worried she might be roughing it, but it turns out she’s enjoying a five-star lifestyle,” said human resources consultant Sasha Warr.

Millie was originally thought to have been a male cat and was called Thomas when she was bought three years ago, along with sister Tilly. It was only after a trip to the vet’s that she had to be renamed Millie.

The Northern Echo: Millie at five-star Rockliffe Hall HotelMillie at five-star Rockliffe Hall Hotel

However, she went missing after Sasha, her husband Gary and 10-year-old son Oscar moved from the Faverdale area of Darlington to Hurworth.

A resident on the Rockliffe estate answered a social media appeal for sightings and brought Millie home but she sloped off back to a life of luxury two days later. She was brought home again but this time only lasted four hours before returning to Rockliffe.

The Northern Echo: Millie the missing cat was found living life as an 'aristocat' at Rockliffe Hall HotelMillie the missing cat was found living life as an 'aristocat' at Rockliffe Hall Hotel

She couldn’t even be coaxed back when Sasha visited Rockliffe with a tin of the finest tuna on her third birthday.

“She was always a cat who liked her comforts and she’s clearly enjoying her new lifestyle, so we’ve just had to accept it,” said Sasha, who runs Outsourced HR Ltd.

Millie, who lives amid the warmth of generator in the Rockliffe grounds, has made friends with hotel staff and visitors. She tries to follow guests in for breakfast, attempts to gate-crash the spa area, and has become a “celebrikitty” on Facebook.

She’s also frequently spotted having fun around the Alice in Wonderland-themed Mischmasch play area, where she’s become known as a real-life Cheshire Cat.

A Rockliffe Hall spokesperson said: “We’re very flattered that Millie has adopted us – she’s very friendly, well-mannered and clearly has impeccable taste.”