A LANDLORD dispute led to a tenant's possessions being dumped in the street in Darlington.

Appalled residents contacted the town's MP Jenny Chapman, and took photographs, after spotting the tenant's personal possessions strewn across the street near Denmark Street, which is just off North Road and the A167.

It is believed there was a dispute between a suspected rogue landlord and tenant which led to a potentially illegal eviction.

It is understood that the landlord was eventually encouraged to clean up the mess himself after being spoken to by the council.

Labour MP Ms Chapman said: "I was appalled when I saw what had happened. It is so wrong to have someone’s personal possessions strewn across the back lanes like this.

“I contacted the council immediately as this looked to me like an illegal act.

"The Council needs to take this issue very seriously, and if this is indeed the result of an illegal eviction, action should be taken. In any case, discarding someone’s entire life’s possessions in this way is cruel and unnecessary.

“Landlords should never take action in to their own hands in this way."

Councillor Paul Howell, Cabinet member for Leisure and Local Environment, said: “This unfortunate incident stems from a dispute between a landlord and tenant. We have offered to support the tenant and put them in contact with our housing options service. I’m pleased to confirm the mess that was left has now been cleared up. Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

“We take all fly-tipping very seriously and rely on the public to report incidents for investigation.

“If you are reporting an incident, we need as much information as possible including what has been dumped, where and a description of the individuals or vehicles involved.

“You should not touch anything within the fly-tip, for your own safety and to preserve evidence.”

To report fly-tipping, email customerservices@darlington.gov.uk