PARENTS and students were able to see for themselves what a high-attaining school looks like, when they attended a recent Open Day.

Under a new leadership team, Staindrop Academy, near Darlington, opened its doors to the local community to explain the teaching and learning model, the pastoral care systems, and to outline the principles that make it an exceptional centre of learning.

Staindrop is focussed on ensuring that every child is provided with the essential foundations of guidance, support, challenge, and positive experiences to make memories for life, with a reputation built on two key principles:

Your Child is Our Child – Where all staff strive to treat every child with the same dedication, care and thought, as if they were their own children. Every child has the right to rich experiences, high quality learning, and support networks, that allow them to fulfil their aspirations.

Aggregation of Marginal Gains – Where every member of staff constantly analyses their own, and the practice of others around them. There is a relentless focus on improving every aspect of a child’s provision. Every system, regardless of how outstanding it is perceived to be, must be evaluated and improved. The school will not stand still - Staindrop will continually seek to improve the life of every child.

Director of Staindrop Academy, Mr Paul Cowen, stated: “Since arriving at Staindrop Academy, I have been humbled by the welcome I have received from the community and the speed at which the staff and students have embraced the principles and new models of education.

“I have an unswerving belief that a high-quality learning environment, supported by a genuine desire by the staff to understand and know every single child, will ensure that our children are happy and fulfilled, and will achieve the highest academic grades.”

Although a small, rural school, through the support of its Multi Academy Trust (Advance Learning Partnership), the Academy has invested more than £300,000 on the school infrastructure, has secured funding for a community gym, and, since Easter 2019, has transformed the internal environment.

The investment in resources has been matched with an investment in every child’s Personnel Development, school leadership, and staff training opportunities.

In striving to meet the potential of every individual child, Staindrop Academy provides the highest educational experience for the children within Teesdale and Wear Valley.

Staindrop Academy has an Open Door Policy for parents and the local community. If you missed our open evening, please contact the school to experience the ethos, environment and culture during the working day.

Staindrop Academy, Cleatlam Lane, Staindrop, Darlington, DL2 3JU

Telephone: 01833 660 285

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