GANGS of youths who are have been terrorising residents in a leafy area of Darlington will be spoken to, police have pledged.

Mowden residents have reported youths throwing stones at cars - one which was carrying a baby - and homes, including elderly people's windows.

There were also reports of hooded youngsters purposely walking in front of cars close to the area's Model T pub.

Residents are planning to hold a public meeting tonight, Monday, at Mowden Junior School to discuss the issue.

Darlington Police moved to reassure locals and said it had identified a 'number of youths' over the last three weeks.

They said some of them were taken home by them on Saturday evening following a call to police.

On their Facebook page, police said: "There have been an increasing number of calls regarding anti social behaviour in the Mowden area of Darlington over the last few weeks.

"Anti-social behaviour is not acceptable and it will not be tolerated.

"Thanks to CCTV and vigilant members of the public, we have also been able to identify a large group of youths who have been involved.

"All youths will be receiving home visits from police and their details will be shared with our partners at the Anti Social Behaviour team, where they will be invited for interview with their parents/guardians."

The public meeting will be held at 6.30pm tonight, Monday.