SCHOOL pupils were treated to a visit by Britain's tallest man in a lesson about turning differences into talents.

Paul Sturgess, the tallest basketball player in the world, dropped in to Great Smeaton Academy Primary School yesterday, Tuesday October 1.

A former member of the Harlem Globe Trotters standing at 7ft8in, Mr Sturgess spent the day giving basketball demonstrations and a talk on embracing differences

"It's been a real wow factor for the children. They have loved every minute of it," said the school's headteacher, Bernie Greenwood.

"Paul held an assembly in the morning to talk to pupils about how its ok to be different.

"He talked about growing up different to others but he was able to turn that into a positive and, through that, find his talent.

"The idea for us was that the wow factor would help the children remember today, and in remembering today they would remember the positive messages Paul was telling them.

"It's been a fantastic day."