RESIDENTS are calling for the speed limit to be lowered in their village before someone is killed.

Cars and lorries speeding through Medomsley, near Consett, has become a serious concern for people, especially as there is a primary school on the main road.

Calls for the limit to be lowered from 30mph to 20mph but have so far fallen on deaf ears.

Villagers had started making their own signs telling drivers ‘twenty is plenty’ but Durham County Council has insisted the signage is removed.

Ann English, part of Medomsley Action Group, said: “We have put two petitions in with the council and they tell us we don’t meet the criteria, but the criteria is a really bad accident.

“We have had a few bumps but nothing fatal so we are not getting anywhere.”

The residents are being supported by Durham County Councillor Alan Shield, who represents the area on the local authority.

He said: “The volume and speed of traffic coming through Medomsley is increasing because there are four routes to get out of Consett, which is the second biggest housing development in County Durham.

“It is a short cut to the larger metropolitan areas and residents are concerned because the main road goes past independent living for the over-55s and a primary school.”

Brian Buckley, Durham County Council’s strategic highways manager, said a public meeting would be held so residents could explain their concerns.

He said: “We are aware of the frustration residents must feel regarding our actions to remove the signs, but we have a duty of care to the travelling public to ensure these illegal signs do not create a distraction to drivers and risk to road users.

“The roads through Medomsley do not meet our criteria for a 20mph speed limit as it would require physical traffic calming measures, which would affect traffic flow on these roads.

“An advisory 20mph speed limit could be considered on the road past the school subject to available funding.”