ROAD infrastructure for a new business park that will soon be home to Amazon has officially opened – but critics have warned more still needs to be done to promote alternative methods of transport.

Concerns have already been raised that the infrastructure surrounding Symmetry Park, next to Lingfield Point in Darlington, will not cope with the number of vehicles entering and leaving the site, when Amazon eventually move in.

The new Morton Park Road extends a link from Yarm Road to Tornado Way providing relief to the A66 and additional access points into Symmetry Park.

Cllr Heather Scott, leader of Darlington Borough Council, said it will be a "key piece of infrastructure that will help ensure traffic runs smoothly", but Green Party Councillor Matthew Snedker said the new road will only encourage more people to use cars and there had only been "warm words" about sustainable transport over the last decade.

A travel plan outlining sustainable transport options, which had to be approved before Amazon could occupy the site, has highlighted car sharing schemes, public transport discounts and improving cycling routes as a way of addressing the problem.

Cllr Scott said: “This new road will provide a crucial link for people accessing Symmetry Park once it’s up and running.

"It’s a key piece of infrastructure that will help ensure traffic runs smoothly into and out of this flagship development.

"The important thing is people's transport habits can't change overnight, so yes we are looking at promoting a range of sustainable options, and they will all be part of the sustainable transport plan, but we've got to be realistic."

Cllr Snedker said: "I am remaining positive about working collaboratively with the new administration, but the reality is over the last decade we have only had warm words about sustainable transport.

"We can't hide from the fact work like this will just encourage more and more people to use the car."

Simon Dixon, director at Tritax Symmetry said: "The new road extension provides direct access into the park from the north and south and will ease traffic flow."