DURING the early hours of today further activity has been reported at the former SSI cokeworks site in Redcar.

Police reported that "loud noise and release of a plume from a tower" took place.

A spokesman said: "We would like to reassure the public that this activity was anticipated and planned for.

"As we have said previously, there is the possibility of further similar events.

"We would like to thank nearby residents and businesses for their co-operation and understanding while the situation remains on-going."

Police, emergency services and other organisations remain on the site, monitoring the situation and responding accordingly.

A spokesperson from Cleveland Fire Brigade confirmed crew members were at the site throughout the course of Sunday in response to the situation.

Ray Khaliq, Assistant Chief Fire Officer at Cleveland Fire Brigade, said: “Over the last 24 hours we have had two backdrafts from one of the vessels. 

“The situation continues in two vessels and the fire brigade, along with other emergency services, are on site dealing with the incident and making plans to bring it to a safe conclusion.

“It’s important to note that this is a very complex and difficult incident because fire continues inside two of the vessels.

“However, while this incident could go on for a few days, there are no risks to people and the local community off site.”

Fire crews first attended the site in South Bank, Redcar, at about 2.15pm on Thursday after a blaze broke out on the premises.

On Friday morning, Cleveland Police confirmed two men had died in the incident.

The blast appeared to have engulfed the two workers who were on a blue cherry-picker at the time, working at a height.

It looked to have happened as they worked on large pipes near a gas holder.

Flames could still be seen some three miles from the old Redcar blast furnace which closed nearly four years ago.