A MYSTERIOUS numismatist has enlisted a mayor’s help in putting very rare and highly valued 50 pence pieces into general circulation.

Valuers say the coins could be worth around £1,000 depending on how much someone is willing to pay for it and how badly they want it in their collection, but one is already being sold on eBay for approximately £2,500.

Bungle, an agent for the Great British Coin Hunt, is helping with the release of 400 special Peter Rabbit coins for collectors up and down the country to get their hands on.

The coin hunt challenges collectors to secure full sets of commemorative coins only available to buy from the Royal Mint or from their official distributors.

Ten of the latest coins featuring the much-loved Beatrix Potter character are being released into Middlesbrough by Bungle, the person behind YouTube channel Bungle Collects Coins.

Once he has filmed all 10 film clips in Middlesbrough, Bungle will post them all on his YouTube channel and each clip will reference Middlesbrough and includes some of the area's most famous landmarks.

The coins are being put into places like parking meters and vending machines to give collectors and members of the public the chance to pick them up, and anyone who finds one could have found themselves a small fortune.

Bungle's daughter, Ellie, and her mother, known as Lady M, are also involved in the hunt and the YouTube channel Bungle Collects Coins.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston was also on hand to help Bungle and Ellie put the last of the coins into circulation in and around Middlesbrough earlier this week.

Speaking to The Northern Echo, Ellie said: "We're in Middlesbrough and we're going to put in the last of our 2019 Peter Rabbit coins, and we are doing this thanks to the Great British Coin Hunt."

Mr Preston said: "It is fantastic to be here to see this gorgeous coin – it is worth many times more than 50p, and me and Ellie are going to put it in a meter, get it in the circulation of the money system in the UK.

"Someone is going to find this and get very lucky, so this Great British Coin Hunt is a great idea, it is a great project and it is lovely to have it here in Middlesbrough.

"I wish everyone good luck and I hope they can find one."

For more information about the Great British Coin Hunt, visit thegreatbritishcoinhunt.com.

To see the videos of Bungle releasing the coins and for more information about Bungle Collects Coins, visit www.youtu.be/745-AcRtj60.

Alternatively, visit his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bunglecollectscoins.