A YOUNG grey seal pup is recovering after being rescued from drowning.

William McPhee and Andrew Weightman, skippers of St Cuthbert's boat from Billy Shiel's Farne Islands Boats, came across the two-day-old pup drowning in the North Sea about 45 minutes out from Seahouses.

They recovered her and met with medics from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue on their return to land.

It is believed Macca (Macaroon), as she as been named, was born on and washed off South Scarcar Island, after being separated from her mum.

The white coat of a young grey seal offers no protection from the cold North Sea and a pup this age is completely dependent on its mother living out of the water.

A Tynemouth Seal Rescue Unit spokesperson said: "She would certainly have drowned if not for the quick thinking and efforts of William and Andrew.

"Macca weighed close to 8kg, was exhausted and immediately taken for veterinary assessment before being transferred to our Tynemouth Seal Rescue Unit for ongoing care and rehabilitation....a long road ahead."

Macca has been visited by members of St-Clair Veterinary Care for X-ray of her lungs and check up. She is doing very well and has improved greatly and is gaining energy.

She will be under the care of BDMLR's dedicated volunteers and Blue Reef Aquarium staff for some months until she is self sufficient and of a weight giving her the best chance of survival before being returned to the North Sea.