AT the weekend, we were treated to Boris Johnson likening himself to the Incredible Hulk in taking Britain out of Europe. The Prime Minister told a national newspaper: “Hulk always escaped, no matter how tightly bound in he seemed to be – and that is the case for this country. We will come out on 31 October and we will get it done.”

The revelation of this superhero complex came just days after Mr Johnson was telling anyone who would listen that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party were too “chicken” to take him on in a general election. Yesterday, however, his courage failed him when he decided that it was a bit too noisy to appear at a press conference with his Luxembourg counterpart because of heckling from pro-EU demonstrators. Less Incredible Hulk, more like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz.

Xavier Bettel gave the press conference alone, and used his platform to tell the absent Mr Johnson a few home truths. Later, the European Commission said proposals for a “legally operational solution” compatible with the Irish backstop have yet to be put forward by the UK.

To finish off the day, Mr Johnson gave an interview claiming the EU has had “a bellyful” of the Brexit process and wants to do a deal. Perhaps if he could come up with some actual, detailed policy and start having meaningful discussions with his fellow European leaders, we could make some progress. The EU are not the only ones who have had a bellyful of Brexit.