A DRUNK who sped through Hartlepool whilst more than double over the alcohol limit has been spared jail.

Dean Montgomery claimed he was “going through a tough patch” when he sped past police in his Mercedes and chased through Hartlepool in July.

Teesside Crown Court heard the 38-year-old climbed over a female passenger and ran away on foot after finally coming to a stop – but he was quickly caught and was later discovered to be in possession of cocaine.

Handing Montgomery a eight month suspended sentence, Judge Deborah Sherwin said: “At the time you committed the offences you were going through a very tough patch. I am satisfied your mother, brother and employer know of the difficulties you are going through and offer you support.”

Rachel Masters, prosecuting, said: “At around 1.15am in July an officer saw a Mercedes overtake him. The driver was the defendant. The overtaking was done at considerable speed and the officer put his lights on to indicate the defendant to pull over but he failed to stop.”

She said Montgomery drove through a red light, straight over a roundabout and sped at 60mph in 30mph zones whilst being chased by police. When he finally came to a stop he climbed over a female passenger and ran on foot but was quickly caught.

On arrest it was revealed Montgomery was more than twice over the legal alcohol limit and in possession of cocaine. He has three previous convictions including driving under the influence of alcohol and common assault.

But the court heard the 38-year-old was “going through a tough time” in the lead up to the offences and panicked when he saw the police.

Montgomery, of Addison Road, Hartlepool was handed an eight month sentence suspended for 18 months, disqualified from driving and ordered to attend 20 rehabilitation days.