AN MP has warned there is a "disturbing phenomenon" happening in his constituency of cyclists being pushed off their bikes by passengers in moving cars.

Hartlepool MP Mike Hill has said such actions "could lead to to a death" and vowed to raise this issue with Cleveland and Durham Police after reporting a number of cases in recent months.

But a spokesperson for Cleveland Police denied there was a major issue and said just one incident had been reported to police.

The incident in question occurred at around 9pm on Tuesday, July 16 on the A179 towards Hart Village.

A 44-year-old male was cycling on the A179 when an unknown individual leant out of a car and pushed the cyclist to the floor. The vehicle made off from the scene.

The victim suffered a fractured collar bone, dislocated shoulder and fractured ribs and was taken to the University Hospital of North Tees for treatment.

Mr Hill said there had been at least two further reported incidents of cyclists suffering the same fate, the latest being on October 19 when a cyclist had a narrow escape after a passenger in a blue Vauxhall Corsa tried to do the same.

Mr Hill said: "There are plenty of people out there like me who grew up with the cycling proficiency test at school and, like me, are angry and annoyed by irresponsible cyclists using our pavements as cycleways and running red lights with impunity.

"But such irresponsible people represent the minority, whereas normal cyclists stick to and respect the Highway Code. For them to be targeted by people in fast moving vehicles and literally shoved off their bicycles is unacceptable.

"Three incidents in as many months shows a pattern developing and as such I will be bringing it to the attention of both Cleveland and Durham Police.

"Decent law abiding citizens need to know our roads are safe. This is an example of that not being so."

Any witnesses to such incidents should contact Cleveland Police or call Crimestoppers on 0800-555-111.