A MASKED burglar who broke into two pubs and stole charity money to buy drugs has been jailed.

David Corley used a hammer to smash his way into the properties before using the weapon to destroy two gaming machines in the attempt to retrieve money.

But when he was unable to access the cash, the 31-year-old stole £80 worth of money from multiple charity buckets because he was “desperate” for more drugs.

Corley, who spent up to £50 a day to fund his heroin addiction, pleaded guilty to the two burglaries in Redcar this June but insisted he wants to “make positive changes” to his life.

Speaking at Teesside Crown Court, Jenny Haigh, prosecuting, said Corley was masked and armed with a hammer when he smashed into both pubs on the town's high street. He later admitted he was under the influence of drugs and was looking for cash to buy more heroin.

She said: “The defendant approached the rear of the public house, used a hammer to smash the window of the door and climbed through. He went on to give a sustained attack on a gaming machine but was unsuccessful.

“He stole two charity buckets to an unknown value, a bottle of Jack Daniels and bottle of Amaretto from the bar. One hour later he came back and tried again to break the gaming machine but was again unsuccessful and made off on a motorbike. He was wearing a balaclava.

“Three days later he approached another public house, again from the rear and again he used a hammer to smash a window and climbed through. He stole three charity buckets and tried to break a gaming machine. He wore a scarf which covered his face.

“He was arrested and said he got £80 cash and was under the influence of drugs. He said he needed more money for drugs and was desperate. He said he felt ‘a bit sh**” about his actions and admitted he spent it all on drugs.”

The court heard Corley was a “functioning drug addict” who was fuelled by a £50 a day heroin addiction. But he managed to hold down a secure job, said he is “sick of it” and wants to make positive changes.

Handing Corley six months in prison, Judge Peter Armstrong said: “The incidents were serious. You were wearing a disguise, used a hammer and made a sustained attack on the gaming machine. You tried twice but didn’t get anything from it. You stole charity money and drink, it was the same for the second pub.”