A BITTER row between a council leader and its clerk was laid bare to the public as allegations of ‘bullying’ and ‘intimidation’ resulted in her resignation.

Lyn Casey stood down as the chairwoman of Yarm Town Council and as a councillor after she accused Terry Chapman and a fellow councillor Peter Monck of leading a sustained campaign of bullying against her.

A claim that town clerk, Mr Chapman, strenuously denied before making counter-claims of bullying against the councillor.

Speaking at the start of council meeting on Tuesday night, Ms Casey said: “I have been verbally abused to the point where I have blocked the town clerk’s phone number for a while, I have had nasty and sometimes goading emails, I have had him whispering in my ear during meetings and I have reports back from people that he is bad mouthing me.

“I am also afraid to come to the town hall on my own because of his aggressive and erratic behaviour towards me. Thankfully, councillors Bob and Barbara Wegg have always ensured that I have been accompanied.

“I have endured this unacceptable behaviour because I care about Yarm.”

After making her announcement the former councillor stood up and left the meeting in the town hall.

Following her departure, Mr Chapman took the opportunity to rebuff her claims.

He said: “I had a good working relationship with the chairman until July, the chairman received some advice from me which she didn’t like, in fact she instructed me to put a planning objection in in terms that were unacceptable and I put an objection in which was acceptable but refused to put an objection in that was unacceptable.

“Since that time the relationship has deteriorated to such an extent that I have found it intolerable and I have been a victim of absolutely appalling behaviour from the former chairman to the extent that even this week she would not sign the pay cheque – it has been absolutely appalling.

“We have gone from a situation but because the chairman didn’t get her own way on the matter she has spat her dummy out and done it in the most disgraceful way tonight. If she really cared about Yarm she wouldn’t have done it in such a vindictive and nasty manner.”