A MOTHER who smuggled heroin, cannabis and diazepam into prison whilst visiting her former drug dealer has been jailed.

Debbie Robson tried to pass almost £600 worth of the drugs onto convicted drug dealer Lee Normanton during a visit to Holme House Prison, Stockton in April.

But the 34-year-old was caught attempting to pass the “golf sized” packet of wrapped up powder and tablets after she hid them in her bra and concealed it underneath a kitchen tray.

Teesside Crown Court heard Robson, who has a daughter, wished she could “turn back the clock” - but she was sentenced to eight months in jail to send out the message “if you take drugs into prison you will go to prison”.

Addressing Robson, Judge Stephen Ashurst said: “Case after case that comes before the court shows what a serious problem it is when drugs are taken into prison. We are all aware of the drug addiction outside prison, the social problems and miserable lives caused as a result and the crime it goes onto fuel.

“This problem is a lot worse inside prison. It has a serious impact on the safety of prisoners and prison staff; the impact it has on discipline and health and the way gangsters continue to operate in prison.

“They know they can persuade people, often vulnerable people including girlfriends, family members and parents into bringing drugs into prison. Time and time again there is more evidence that there is some selfish and manipulative person in prison putting pressure on people to take drugs into prison to solve a temporary problem for them.

“The message has to be very clear – if you take drugs into prison you will go to prison.”

Harry Hadfield, prosecuting, described how Robson tried to pass five different powders and tablets, including heroin, diazepam and a form of cannabis, onto convicted drug dealer Normanton.

He said: “Debbie Robson went to Holme House Prison on the 24th April to visit a prisoner called Lee Normanton. He was given a 18 month prison sentence to possession with intent to supply class A drugs. It is understood he supplied the defendant.

“The visitor room is monitored with CCTV and a member of staff was focused on the pair after seeing Normanton looking around. Debbie Robson was seen to put her hand up her top and take an item out where her bra would be.”

He said she placed a “golf ball” sized packet underneath a tray on the table between her and Normanton containing £580 worth of drugs, including £320 worth of heroin. Five further tablets were found in the bag she left in the prison’s locker.

David Lamb, defending, said his client wished she “could turn back the clock and it never happened.” He added Robson is now drug free and “wants to turn a corner and lead a law abiding life.”

But Robson, of Cornwall Street, Hartlepool, was sentenced to eight months in prison. She pleaded guilty to five counts of transporting a prohibited item into prison.