THOUSANDS of people have turned out for a major agricultural show in the Yorkshire Dales, just weeks after parts of the area saw flash flooding and devastation.

The 105th Wensleydale Show, which is being held near Leyburn, North Yorkshire, opened its gates at around 8am on Saturday, August 24.

The Northern Echo:

This year, the show is holding competitive events for livestock exhibitors, with some of the county's best sheep, cattle, horses and poultry, being judged by industry professionals.

Sarah Liddle, vice chairman of The Wensleydale Show, said organisers had spent the last week making sure the showfield was prepared following spells of bad weather.

Ms Liddle, who said the flooding in the Yorkshire Dales had not affected the show's success, said: "We've been very fortunate, the sun is shining on us today. 

"We're a little bit down on the entries this year due to TB restrictions in the areab but we're very grateful for the supporters that have come out and exhibited. 

"We've done an awful lot of work in relation to try and make the show feel great despite the recent flooding. 

"We've had a team here all week, we have been preparing the showfield. The field that the cattle and sheep exhibitors are marked on has held up really well."

The Northern Echo:

Mr Turnbull with his prized cattle Picture: JIM SCOTT

Exhibitor Alan Turnbull from Coxwold, near Thirsk, said the show was not something to "miss", despite being behind on the harvesting season, following bad weather in previous weeks. 

Mr Turnbull, who is showing an Aberdeen Angus, and has a two-year-old bullock and two-year-old heifer calf, said: "We've been coming here for the last few years and we do try and come every year but it is all depending on work. 

"The bad weather could have had the potential to put people off, but with it being such a good day it hasn't.

"People are behind on harvesting because of the bad weather. "I wouldn't have been here but we're all caught up at the moment so we've been able to come. 

"I'll be going back to work to start tonight, as the weather is good - you can't afford not to do it (harvest) at the moment, because it has been that bad."

The Northern Echo:

Cathy Mason of Bedale-based Masons Yorkshire Gin Picture: JIM SCOTT

Over the years, the show has grown from its agricultural roots and turned into a pop-up shopping destination with more than 200 traders.

Cathy Mason, co-owner of Masons Yorkshire Gin, which has set up a stall in the traders' tent said: "It's a fantastic atmosphere here today, thank goodness the sun is out and everbody seems to be really enjoying themselves.

"This is one of the best shows that we have in the area - I'm delighted that the weather has turned out everybody puts a lot of hard work into this."

The Northern Echo:

Susan Rogers of the Wensleydale Rotary Club Picture: JIM SCOTT

At the show, the Wensleydale Rotary Club have been offering show go-ers free blood pressure monitoring. 

Susan Rogers, president of the Wensleydale Rotary Club, said: "We're stopping people and suggesting people get their blood pressure taken as part of stroke awareness.

"In the last two years we've found ten people walking around, thinking they were normal, and they had exceptionally high blood pressure.

"One was a guy, about 30, who was in his running gear and was really fit - so it's a worthwile thing we're doing and hopefully we will do it for many years to come."

Sarah Liddle of the Wensleydale Show added: "We're just thankful people have still come out and we've had a lot of local support from farmers that have been willing to pull vehicles on and off the field and it's drying up as we speak."

"We've had some very good entries in the Holstein classes, in the Jersey and any other breed classes.

"The championship today in the Holstein's has gone to James Pratt and his family, who farm just over the hill from here. They've been exhibiting here for a very long time."