A SEX offender, with a habit of failing to notify his home address, went on holiday to Gran Canaria, without informing police, a court heard.

Martin Anthony Biggins was subject to a notification requirement as a sex offender for seven years after a conviction for exposure, in June 2013.

Durham Crown Court was told his registration period, therefore, is not due to expire until June next year.

But he was arrested on his return to Leeds Bradford Airport on a flight from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, on May 16, after his name was flagged up as being on the passenger list.

Chris Wood, prosecuting, said Biggins did not tell police that he planned to take the holiday, in breach of his notification requirements.

He was interviewed and immediately admitted having failed to inform police of his plan to take the week-long holiday, flying out from the airport on May 9

But he said a friend had booked it at short notice on his behalf to lift his spirits as he had been suffering depression and he claimed he simply forgot to notify police.

Dr Wood told the court the defendant’s record of 54 convictions for 94 offences, features five previous breaches of the notification requirements, for which he has twice been jailed.

Biggins, 28, of Durham Road, Esh Winning, admitted breaching the notification requirements, as a sex offender.

Richard Bloomfield, mitigating, said: “At the time of the offence he was almost six years into seven-year registration period and it would have been obvious to him, and foolish of me to suggest otherwise, that it was his responsibility to notify, even though the holiday was booked at short notice.

“There’s no suggestion he caused any risk or harm, but he has put himself in real jeopardy by failing to do so.”

Mr Bloomfield said the defendant’s difficulty since the 2013 conviction has been the large amount of changing of address.

But, he told the court he now has fixed and stable accommodation in a two-bedroom rented flat.

Mr Bloomfield added that Biggins is also now under the care of a community psychiatric nurse, to address his mental health issues and has recently abstained from consuming alcohol.

Judge Christopher Prince told Biggins he has, “shown utter contempt” over his requirement to inform police of his whereabouts, repeatedly “flying under the radar”.

Imposing a six-month prison sentence, he said he did not accept that Biggins merely “forgot” to inform police of his intention to go away on holiday.

“I accept no harm was caused, but it’s the repeat offending which so aggravates your position today.”