TWO men who helped save a woman who was being sexually assaulted in a hotel room have been praised by police.

Londoners Joshua White and Joseph Gray were in the region to watch Crystal Palace play Newcastle United at St James' Park in 2017.

The pair returned to their hotel in Gateshead for the night but in the early hours of the Sunday morning, they heard a woman shouting. They went to their door where a woman was in the corridor asking for help to get a man out of her room.

When the two men approached the neighbouring room, they found a half dressed man and another woman, who ran out of the room in a distressed state.

They managed to get the man out of the room and took the woman to the reception of the hotel when the police were called.

The woman had been sexually assaulted by Pearce Armstrong, who was on a stag do from Belfast.

Police arrested Armstrong and he was charged with sexual assault.

Mr White and Mr Gray both gave evidence at the trail in Newcastle in July and Armstrong, 40, of no fixed abode but from the Belfast area of Northern Ireland, was found guilty by the jury.

He has this week been sentenced to 22 months in prison and will spend ten years on the sex offenders register.

After the case, the victim praised the two men and asked to contact them directly to personally thank them for all they had done. She believed their actions saved her from a much worse situation.

Chief Superintendent Scott Hall praised the men, and a friend of the victim who raised the alarm, and awarded them all Safeguarding Commendations on behalf of Northumbria Police for their actions.

Chief Supt Hall said: "I talk to anyone who will listen about safeguarding being everyone's business and both Joshua and Joseph are the absolute epitome of that.

"Their instincts told them something wasn't right and they did something about it. This victim has suffered an awful sexual assault and because of the intervention from these two lads, they have managed to bring her to safety.

"To also come from London and give evidence in court to support a complete stranger is utterly admirable and on behalf of Northumbria Police, I thank you wholeheartedly."

Northumbria Police's "It could be nothing but..." campaign encourages the public to report something that does not feel right to help police protect those who cannot protect themselves.