VISITORS to the 130th Egton Show were treated to something of a rare sight this week as pig classes were in full flow.

Ordinarily a show staple, pig classes have been cancelled at numerous events this season, most notably the Great Yorkshire Show which normally welcomes around 400 entrants.

The cancellations were due to caution over the spread of swine dysentry emanating from a pic at the Royal Norfolk Show in early July.

A handful of cases were later confirmed in North Yorkshire, leading to many shows pulling their pig classes. Rare pig breeder Mandy Garbutt, of Ingleby Arncliffe, was delighted that the Egton Show committee allowed the pigs in after seeking veterinary advice.

Her Gloucestershire Old Spot was named Show Champion and she said: “We have to get our breeds out to the shows because showing is our shop window.

Ms Garbutt added: “Egton is a lovely show, we go every year just about, it is a proper agricultural, local farming show and is really friendly.”