NORTH Yorkshire Police is urging the public to avoid unnecessary calls to 999 as figures show its Force Control Room (FCR) received almost 10,000 calls in July.

This is an average of more than 300 every day.

The calls typically rise by around 25 per cent in the summer months and the hottest day of the year so far, June 29, resulted in nearly 400 calls to North Yorkshire Police - double the usual number.

Bank holidays always result in around 50 per cent more calls to 999 than on any normal day and with the August bank holiday weekend fast approaching, North Yorkshire Police is asking people to make sure they are aware when and which number to call.

If crime is ongoing or there is danger to life, always call 999. To report crime which has already happened, call 101.

Control room manager, Jane Larkin said: “Calls continue to increase every month, placing more and more demand on resources.

"There are many examples where a call to 999 is not an emergency – whether a hoax, accidental call or details of a crime which has already happened that could have been reported via 101. Unnecessary 999 calls significantly impact on our ability to deal with genuine emergencies so I’d really ask the public to think twice before picking up the phone and dialling."