A BROKEN ankle did not deter a plucky fundraiser from completing an obstacle course to help raise more than £6,000 for charity.

Amy Kirk, 27, organised for friends and family to take on the Tough Mudder course in Skipton to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.

The fundraising drive was in honour of her father, Mick, who was diagnosed with the illness last September.

Mr Kirk, 59, is well-known in Richmond as the owner of the town’s Angus Morton Butchers and he was keen to raise awareness of the cancer in a bid to help others.

His staff got on board and together with the Tough Mudder sponsorship and customer donations, a total of £6,200 has been raised for the charity.

Mr Kirk thanked everybody who donated, with particular praise for his determined daughter.

He said: “Amy set up the whole thing with a Just Giving site with an aim of raising £300.

“But once our customers heard about it they said ‘get a sponsorship form on the counter, you’d be surprised’.

“On the Saturday before the Tough Mudder we did some special offers in the shop and I said I’d match whatever was raised.

“We took £520 so that’s me not eating for the rest of the month!”

Mr Kirk said it wasn’t just about raising money for the charity, he also wants to raise awareness about the cancer as men can be less inclined to visit their doctors.

He said: “I knew nothing about prostate cancer when I was first diagnosed.

“But it is amazing how many people have a connection with it - one in eight men are affected, it is absolutely huge and it is just good to get it out there that if people notice something unusual in their wee, or they’re going to the toilet more often, then go to your doctor for a check up.

“They might say there is nothing to worry about, but for the sake of a quick two minute examination it is worth it.

“If I had gone a year earlier, when I still would have had the symptoms, it might not have spread.

“Early diagnosis is the watchword.”