A CITY centre nuisance was jailed for 21-months for his latest act of, “boorish, anti-social behaviour”, affecting innocent passers-by.

Bailey Decaprio and an unknown accomplice were involved in a confrontation with two women and their partners who took exception to a “grossly offensive” remark made as they left a pub in Durham’s Market Place, at 5pm on February 24.

Durham Crown Court heard that although Decaprio claimed he did not utter the comment at one of the women, who was pregnant at the time, he accepted responding when she approached to challenge them, referring to a previous jail sentence he served, in boastful fashion.

Peter Sabiston, prosecuting, said Decaprio told her: “I’ve done 21 months and I’m not scared to snap your jaw,” as he thrust a can of cider into her face.

The woman’s male companion came over to confront him and blows were exchanged, with Decaprio striking him in the face.

Although Decaprio made off down Silver Street, police were informed and he was stopped in North Road, where, upon being searched, a brass knuckleduster was found hidden in his sock.

He claimed it was an ornament and denied being involved in the altercation, but all four people involved picked him out following an identity procedure.

Mr Sabiston said Decaprio’s accomplice was never identified.

All four victims were treated for minor facial and other injuries sustained in the incident, and the pregnant woman involved stated it left her stressed and unwilling to visit the city centre until after giving birth.

Decaprio, 22, of Wakenshow Road, Gilesgate, Durham, admitted affray and possessing an offensive weapon. His record includes previous offences of violence and threatening behaviour.

Tonty Davis, in mitigation, told the court: “The reality is that this is another example of boorish, anti-social behaviour which he has clearly, in the past, become involved in.”

But Mr Davis said Decaprio did not produce the knuckleduster during the disturbance and claims he did not spark the incident with the initial comment.

Jailing him, Judge Christopher Prince told Decaprio: “This was an extremely ugly incident against a background of similar offending in the past.”