HEADTEACHERS have warned school budgets across the country are at "breaking point", telling new Prime Minister Boris Johnson “there’s simply nothing left to cut".

On the day thousands of students are due to receive their A-level results, the National Education Union (NEU) has warned schools cannot go on "losing teachers, support staff, cutting back on subjects, activities and basic maintenance just to balance the books".

The Northern Echo:

The union is encouraging teachers and parents to sign an open letter to Mr Johnson, claiming schools "can’t afford any more empty promises or short-term fixes".

During his leadership campaign, Mr Johnson promised to give England's schools budget a £4.6bn boost per year by 2022-23, but the union has said schools need £12.6bn more each year.

The letter to Mr Johnson states: “91 per cent of schools have suffered Government cuts to per pupil funding since 2015. Our schools cannot go on like this - losing teachers, support staff, cutting back on subjects, activities and basic maintenance just to balance the books.

“Headteachers and governors have been clear. School budgets are at breaking point. After years of cutbacks, there’s simply nothing left to cut.

“This is why we welcome your commitment to address the funding crisis. But our children cannot afford any more empty promises or stopgap measures.”

The Northern Echo:

Kevin Courtney, general secretary of the NEU, said: "Our hard work is paying off. The new Prime Minister claims he wants to address the school funding crisis. But so far his promises are vague. Schools have had enough uncertainty. What we need now is a clear commitment."

Redcar MP Anna Turley said: "Shamefully our schools are under huge funding pressures. Instead of focusing on the teaching they provide, teaching staff are straining to balance budgets and are making personal sacrifices to ensure our children do not suffer. They are heroes, but the school system should not be this way.

The Northern Echo:

"We must invest in our schools before a whole generation lose out on the education they deserve."

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham said: “We have seen class sizes grow, support staff cut, and headteachers having to send begging letters out to parents for money to pay for the most basic of supplies. Our young people are losing out due to these cuts and their education is suffering as a result.

The Northern Echo:

Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson added: The Government are prepared to spend £6bn on a No Deal Brexit – I’d much rather see that money spent on schools and the NHS."

Darlington MP Jenny Chapman said: “Nine years of austerity has pushed our schools to breaking point. Every single secondary school in Darlington will have had its funding cut by 2020 as will 18 out of 22 primary schools.

"Boris Johnson voted for these cuts and now says our schools need more money. His empty promises fall far short of what is needed and I don’t trust him to fix the damage his Party has caused.

"The Tories should never have made our kids pay for their cuts and this campaign is right to call for a proper solution to the funding crisis in our schools.”