A CHARITY is rustling up donations from empty crisp packets to raise money for suicide prevention

The packets are being collected by the Chester-le-Street charity ‘If U care, share’ which helps people with mental health problems and families who have been affected by suicide.

Suicide is the leading cause of death among young people aged 20-34 years.

The charity takes the donations to be recycled.

Each crisp packet represents one pence for the charity, which has already had thousands of donations.

If U care share has organisations across the North-East on board, including Willington AFC football club – but is still looking for donations.

Helen Parkinson is collecting crisp packets from her home and the club house at Willington AFC.

The charity is very close to her heart because Mrs Parkinson lost her sister to suicide 26 years ago. Her husband Dale lost his nephew in 2007 and the charity was there to help.

The couple have already collected 100 packets within one week, since the start of the football season.

Both Durham and Willington football clubs are currently based at the ground so games are played weekly, meaning more crisp packets.

They hope to continue the collections right through the football season and are taking donations from anyone, even people are not part of Willington AFC.