A MOTORIST who admits travelling at 69-miles per hour in a 30-limit zone has denied driving dangerously.

But Jonathan Paul Carr is prepared to admit the lesser offence of careless driving.

Appearing at a Durham Crown Court plea hearing, the 29-year-old defendant denied the charge of dangerous driving, in a BMW on the A693 at Blind Lane, Chester-le-Street, on January 15, when he is accused of ignoring a police officer flagging him down.

His counsel, Richard Holland, said his client would admit careless driving, but Shaun Dryden, prosecuting, told the court: “The Crown has reviewed it and it is not considered acceptable.”

The case was, therefore, adjourned for a trial of up to two days and the defendant, of Atkinson Road, Chester-le-Street, was bailed to return for the hearing, starting on either December 11 or 12.