LET'S be positive. Boris Johnson's election, by a good margin, signals the end of the age of austerity. If he is to fulfil his election promises of putting more police on the streets, increasing pupil premiums, solving the social care crisis and increasing defence spending while cutting taxes, he is going to be splashing cash all over the place.

Let's be parochial. His government could contain a few people who have a knowledge of our region. Richmond MP Rishi Sunak has been a brave out-rider for Mr Johnson and so must be hopeful of moving another rung up the ladder; Middlesbrough South MP Simon Clarke is a thoughtful Brexiteer whose wing of the party is in the ascendency. Former Stockton South MP James Wharton has been intimately involved in Mr Johnson's campaign, and former Darlington MP Sir Michael Fallon looks hopeful of returning to the cabinet.

More than this, Mr Johnson probably believes that devolution is a good thing and, as a former London mayor, he definitely believes in the transformational powers of mayors.

But let's not be fooled. Mr Johnson will not be judged by the number of police he puts on the streets. He will be judged on Brexit.

We welcome his optimism. The country needs to be upbeat. But it also needs to avoid a no-deal exit. Positivity alone will not suffice.