A HEADTEACHER and his assistant have retired after serving 27 years each at a Chester-le-Street school.

Iain Veitch began his time at Park View School as head of English, going on to become the head of sixth form and deputy head teacher, before taking over as school head 12 years ago.

His assistant Morag Wilson began teaching at the school in the same year, going on to become head of the Lower School at North Lodge.

Mr Veitch said: “ I am obviously very sad to leave the school. The team and the children are fantastic, but the time is right and the school is in a good state.

“We are massively oversubscribed. But more importantly than that we are are a very happy school where children feel safe and secure.

"I took over a school that was already good and we built on to the caring side of the school.

"The recent Ofsted inspection gave us a 96 per cent approval ratings and in a lot of categories nothing less than 94 per cent. I think that is testament to the partnership we have developed with our parents."

Mr Veitch said: "I am going back to the classroom to do some part-time teaching, which is really exciting. It is an itch I've got to scratch really, because I have always been a teacher at heart."

Mrs Wilson said: “I have had a wonderful time working at the school. It has been a pleasure to work with all the staff and young people."

Deputy head Andrew Finley will become headteacher, while Pam Hall will be head of the Lower School.