CAMPAIGNERS who have been taking down nets designed to stop birds from nesting have said their fight is not over.

Earlier this year, a group of people took down netting from a hedgerow in Darlington after a dead bird was found nearby.

The installation of ‘anti-bird’ netting quickly caused national outrage with reports of nets being installed at sites across the UK.

Since then the group, also known as NO2NET, have continued to respond to reports of nets being installed in the area.

The Northern Echo:

Last Sunday, July 14, NO2NET took down netting in Ovington and Middleton Tyas.

Kendra Ullyart, leading the campaign, said their campaign is still ongoing.

She said: “In many ways, there should be no more nets put up because we are right in the middle of the nesting season.

“In many cases at the moment the nets are put up when hedges were bursting with greenery so it would have been nearly impossible to see if they were in use.

"This is an issue we are going to face year-on year."

However, Ms Ullyart added that she was delighted at the support the NO2NET campaign has received and hopes it will inspire others to take action in a similar way.

The Northern Echo:

She said: “There is a greater awareness and people are realising that a small amount of good can make a massive difference.

"We really do need to protect nature and our environment.

“More and more people are wanting to speak up and it’s great to see that across the country people are taking action.

“If anyone tells us about a net and it’s in our area we will come and take it down.”

  • More information about the group can be found on Facebook