AN EIGHT-foot tall giant poppy will be displayed at a town centre shopping centre later this month.

The 'Poppy of Honour' is made out of glass and steel, and contains more than one million paper poppies with the hand-written names of every British or Commonwealth serviceman and servicewoman, who was either killed or reported missing in action in the First World War.

The sculpture, which is described as the first of its kind, will go on display at The Pavilion Shopping Centre in Thornaby, near Stockton, on Monday, July 22 and Tuesday, July 23.

It has already visited 28 locations across the UK, since it was unveiled in October last year, and will continue its tour after Thornaby.

Organiser Terry Williams said: “This is the first national memorial holding the collective names of every person killed or missing in action in the First World War.

“The response from the public, business and groups has surpassed our hopes and ensured that every single husband, wife, brother, sister, son and daughter who gave their lives will be remembered in this centenary year and for years to come. Although they are gone, they will never be forgotten.”

More than 250,000 volunteers were involved in the creation of the Poppy of Honour.