A FORMER coastguard has set out to spread messages of safety to seaside visitors.

Paul Waugh from Brotton, near Saltburn, has been putting up signs in Huntcliff warning people of the dangers of the cliff edge.

Mr Waugh, who worked as a coastguard for 13 years, installed the signs after seeing people too close to the edge while on coastal walks.

He said: “I walk round the cliffs most days and when I have been up I have seen kids at edge, I’ve seen people sat with their legs dangling off the side not realising the cliff is crumbling away there.

“We get that many visitors from all over the world and we get people coming along not knowing about the cliffs and how dangerous they can be.

“The cliff edge is crumbling away all the time.”

The 56-year-old used slate discs for the signs and, with his wife, has placed around 14 signs along the coastline.

The signs feature warning messages about the cliff edge with safety reminders.

Other signs have contact numbers for mental health charities and positive phrases.

Mr Waugh said: “I have put contact numbers for Mind and Samaritans because sometimes you get people going up there who can be quite upset or with the intention of hurting themselves.

"I just wanted the signs to be able to help people in one way or another.

"I’ve made sure the words are quite large so you don’t have to go near them to read it, you can read it clearly from a distance.

"So far they have gone down really well and I have had lots of good feedback from people walking by.

"A couple of runners came past the other day and absolutely loved them.

"I saw a lot of bad and difficult scenes when I was a coastguard, from both the top of the cliff and the bottom, and I'm hoping these will help people and stop them getting hurt."

Mr Waugh is continuing his mission to spread awareness through these signs and also by talking with people walking along the coast.

He added: "My message is just to stay safe on the coast.

"If you're going to be on the top then don't go near the edge and if you're going to be at the bottom on the beach then don't go near the cliff.

"We don't want anyone else to get hurt."