A FORMER councillor is attempting to organise a night of direct action by motorhome owners to challenge to test the legality of a council’s Public Space Protection Order.

Ex-East Riding of Yorkshire councillor Andy Strangeway has invited motorhome owners to join him in flouting Hambleton District Council’s ban on overnight parking at Leeming Bar Industrial Estate, which the authority launched in a bid to tackle “antisocial behaviour” by lorry drivers.

The council has erected signs around the industrial estate area warning of £100 fines or up to £1,000 if prosecuted in court, to anyone found parking overnight.

The latest challenge to the district council comes days after a report to North Yorkshire County Council’s Thirsk and Malton constituency committee stated overnight HGV parking is seen as “an increasing problem” in several areas of the county.

The county council report states the effect of the parking varies from damaging roads and verges, to antisocial behaviour, littering and noise pollution, which echoes the reasons the district council approved the order for Leeming Bar Industrial Estate and its surrounding area.

It added the issue had been recognised as a national problem, mainly caused by the increase of lorries on the network, time limits on drivers, a lack of facilities and the cost of using them.

Councillors have said one of the most common complaints they have received at Leeming Bar relate to the industrial estate being used as an “open toilet”.

Mr Strangeway, who said he had gone unchallenged despite spending three nights parked at the industrial estate recently, claims the council’s ban is unenforceable as it has not defined “overnight” and the signs are unlawful. He said he will alert the council to when he and motorhome owners will park up on the industrial estate to allow the authority adequate time to issue fines, which the former councillor said would be challenged through the courts.

A council spokesman said: “Councillors decided to implement a Public Space Protection Order to address any antisocial behaviour issues and protect residents in the Leeming Bar area. We will always listen and respond to any issues brought to our attention concerning this order.”