BEMUSED early morning shoppers in Guisborough were surprised to find themselves at the centre of a media scrum as Boris Johnson hit the campaign trail early yesterday morning.

The leadership hopeful spoke to Conservative members in MP Simon Clarke's constituency, with a stroll along Westgate, the town's main shopping street, to meet with voters and the public.

"Here we go. Come on. Here we go. Thank you," he said, to no-one in particular, as he left the constituency office and strolled on to the street. A little ahead of Mr Johnson and his entourage, two pensioners stood on the corner, tutting at the size of the media circus around him. They looked a little astonished as he stopped to greet them.

"Good morning. Are you by any chance members of the Conservative Party?"

"Never mind, thank you very much," and he strolled off, Mr Clarke and Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen flanking him like footsoldiers.

Next stop is a taylors shop, Dandy Threads, where Boris is told there is a throne for him to sit on.

"A throne, really, do you have a crown too?" he asked hopefully.

"Are you going to get this job done for us now," chipped in hairdresser Andrea Kitching, a Conservative supporter.

"Ya, ya, we are going to get it all done," he replied. "With the help of Simon, who is brilliant. We have to drive to the light, keep the ball to the back of the feet."

He appeared to take his security detail by surprise by wandering into ladies' clothing shop, M&Co, before crouching down next to a baby in a pushchair for pictures. Little Baden O'Hare's blonde mop was almost identical, if much neater, than Mr Johnson's, although the 22-month old was bemused by the flashing of camera bulbs.

"You're going to be in the national newspaper," Mr Johnson said to the baby as he left the shop and jumped into a waiting Range Rover, which had followed him slowly along the street.