A BRAWL between two men in their 30s in front of families at a McDonalds restaurant is being investigated by police.

Officers were called out to a disturbance at McDonalds, just off North Road in Darlington on Sunday at about 4.45pm.

A verbal and physical fight between two men was said to be taking place inside the restaurant.

Some witnesses described seeing two men 'full on fighting' in a car park near McDonalds. Others said an earlier fight had taken place outside the nearby Morrisons store.

Police arrived after the incident, at about 6pm, as the fight was over by the time the call was made. They are investigating and gathering CCTV evidence and statements.

A Durham police spokeswoman said: "Police were called to reports of a disturbance at McDonalds, North Road, Darlington on Sunday evening at about 4.45pm.

"It is believed a verbal and physical altercation took place inside the restaurant between two men.

"Nobody was seriously injured. Inquiries are ongoing."