CAMPAIGNERS have released a new video as they continue their fight to protect a piece of ancient woodland.

Members of the Parkland Heritage Group are urging Darlington Borough Council to rethink plans to chop down trees and transform the Blackwell Heritage Park into a housing development.

The council is believed to be revisiting the scheme as work continues as part of its draft Local Development Plan and the activists are urging members of the local authority to support their campaign.

Michael Green, one of the organisers of the group, said: "Our Council and new administration have an opportunity to be known nationally as one which takes environmental issues seriously.

"During July Darlington Borough Council will make their decision, and we will know the outcome of all of the lobbying, protesting, writing, news reports and meetings.

The Northern Echo: Protesters opposed to the planProtesters opposed to the plan

"Last week we e-mailed our MP and all 50 Darlington Councillors with links to the last 2 flyers, the drone movie and the Friends of the Earth National Campaign.

"We are also engaging with members of the new administration before the July decision, and have already had a very valuable meeting with Cllr Paul Howell, the cabinet member for leisure and environment."

Mr Green, who is also a member of #LoveDarloTrees Network, added “It was a surreal and shocking moment for us when the woodland in Blackwell was first felled. Nothing like this had ever happened before. We saw a community in crisis. A community which was bereaved.

"Trees have a huge part to play in fighting climate change, and such a benefit to local communities. We love the meadows and the parkland because they are timeless; the connectivity between these ancient green spaces, past generations and the present community is truly tangible.”

The Northern Echo: Michael and Angela Green are presented with the David Gladwell Memorial AwardMichael and Angela Green are presented with the David Gladwell Memorial Award

Last month Michael and Angela Green, pictured above, were presented with the David Gladwell Memorial Award, at event organised by the Friends of the Earth and The People's Postcode Lottery, in recognition of their work.

And the work of a network of people advising the Parkland Heritage Group from behind the scenes is to be launched as