ORGANISERS of Durham Miners' Gala are launching a campaign to ensure the event passes off safely.

The Durham Miners' Association (DMA), which organises the annual spectacle, is calling on people to respect the traditions of the event so it runs smoothly.

It says it is expecting more visitors and will have more police and stewards along the parade route

DMA Secretary Alan Mardghum said: “We are now in our 150th year, and it is a quarter of a century since the last pit was shut, but the gala remains as a wonderful legacy of our coal mining heritage.

“That the gala has survived, and is now thriving, is testament to the strength and the values of our communities across the coalfield. The gala is and always has been a celebration of working-class life, community, and solidarity – and it is a great family day out. In that spirit, we call on everyone who attends this year’s gala to look after each other.”

This year's event takes place on Saturday, July 13.

The DMA is asking visitors to respect the banners and brass bands to allow them to move safely through the city, and to respect the emergency services and stewards along the route.

They are also asking visitors to make sure they keep the city clean and put litter into bins.