PLANS have been unveiled to attract more tourists to a village by building a holiday park on farmland next to a caravan site.

Proposals have been submitted to Hambleton District Council to change of use of agricultural land to tourism use, along with the siting of eight tourism cabins, a reception office, and a utility shed on land north-east of Tollerton Caravan Park.

The council granted permission for 50 static caravans three years ago at the neighbouring site, which has welcomed visitors since the 1990s. A spokesman for the applicant said the principle of tourism development was well established on the site next door at Tollerton Caravan Park and the development proposals would not have a significant adverse impact on the amenities of existing residents.

He said: “The proposals are sustainable, accessible and capable of being accommodated without significant risk to highway safety and without flood risk or significant adverse drainage effects.

“The proposals are designed to achieve a high quality living environment ensuring the privacy and safety of existing and future residents. The development would bring economic benefits to the area. The development crucially would identify, maintain and enhance the whole of the existing character area in which it sits and would not erode localised visual amenity.”