A RARE copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone, signed by members of the cast including Daniel Radcliffe's very first autograph, will be selling at auction.

The hardback copy belongs to 33-year-old Verity Collins, who gathered the signatures as an extra during the filming of the Philosopher's stone in Goathland, North Yorkshire.

The Northern Echo:

Verity, who was a young teenager at the time, was receiving treatment for Leukaemia while playing an extra and the book is of high value to herself and her mother, Valerie Rudd.

Ms Rudd, who is selling the book on Verity's behalf, said: "She loved her time there. We would have even paid for her to be an extra. She was a big fan of the books.

“When Verity was 13 she was spending lots of time in the hospital and she’d read the books while she was there. I started reading the first one in the hospital with her.

"So when we found out they were advertising for extras for the film we applied straight away, and even though she was having her treatment she was allowed to do it."

The book has 13 signatures from the film's star cast including Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley, Emma Watson, playing Hermione Grainger, and Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy.

Verity also received an autograph from Harry Potter himself after seeing him sitting alone on set.

Ms Rudd said: “She was about 15 at the time and he would have been about 11. She was with a group of extras, saw Daniel Radcliffe sitting by himself and felt sorry for him so she went and talked to him.

“She had a book with her so she asked him to sign it. He wrote ‘best wishes’ and signed it.

"He said it was the first time anyone had asked him for an autograph."

The teenager also had her book signed by Robbie Coltrane, said to rarely give out signatures, director Chris Columbus and others from the set.

Due to her treatment, she also received a special invitation from the director to visit the Warner Bros Studio, before it was open to public.

Ms Rudd added: “She had the most marvellous time.

“Although she was going through her treatment it was just such a wonderful time for her to be an extra in her favourite book and then to be invited down to see the studio."

Verity, who was given the all-clear and now lives in Somerset with her own homemade jewellery business, is hoping the items will sell for a price that will help her move South.

The book and other memorabilia will be sold through Vectis Auctions Ltd and will go on sale June 26.