TRUMP in the White House. Boris in Number Ten. Brexit.

It's like the beginning of some kind of apocalyptic novel. I know Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson hasn't quite picked up the keys for his new pad, but if predictions are correct, it is only a matter of time.

Boris has been compared to Trump, but has also been described as 'politically nimble' (a polite way of saying he will go where the winds are behind him), and having an ideological emptiness below the surface.

Or, as Redcar MP Anna Turley pointed out to Boris supporter Simon Clarke MP on Twitter yesterday: "A man who endangered the life of a British political prisoner in Iran because he hadn’t read his brief. Called Muslim women ‘letter boxes’, black people ‘piccanninies’, gay people ‘bumboys’. Who has lied, cheated wives, taken drugs & wasted millions on vanity projects. NO THANKS."

Boris is notoriously chaotic, was sacked from the Times for making up a quote and annoyed bosses at GQ for the huge number of parking tickets he received. And those are just his earliest indiscretions.

Do we want someone like that running our country, simply because as a child his first ambition was to be 'king of the world'.

Darker than that are the undertones of someone who think it is acceptable to use homophobic and racist language.

And there we have the Trump comparison.

Racism, misogyny, homophobia and general hatred, buried underground for so long, are given oxygen and life by politicians like these.

Brexit itself has brought prejudice back, politicians like Tommy Robinson (not his real name) growing his following by disillusioned white men.

One only has to look at the comments on Facebook and online to see how much more vicious people are becoming.

Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald and Anna Soubry MP were sent the vilest abuse by Middlesbrough Royal Mail worker David Stuart.

After drinking eight cans of high-strength cider, he told former Conservative MP Ms Soubry via the internet that he 'wanted to smash her disgusting face in with a hammer' and told Mr McDonald he would 'rip his face off' before calling him a 'massive turd'.

A Women in Parliament All Party Parliamentary Group, which looked at the issue of online abuse towards female politicians yesterday, discussed that women were being put off standing as MPs because of the vile torrent of harassment they get online.

Harriet Harman told those gathered that it was threatening our democracy, and rights to free speech.

"As a woman politician, you shouldn't have to face threats," she said. "Where you can't do an open surgery because it is too dangerous."

Women in particular seem to be targeted online, especially those brave enough to express opinions (we should be seen and not heard, it seems), and ethnic minorities even more so.

When a politician like Trump is condescending about women, or someone humorous like Boris makes a joke about letter boxes, it just fuels and enables the prejudice.

We need politicians to set an example of tolerance and respect, not play to the crowd.