A RECYCLING company has experienced first hand the impact illegal dumping has on residents and businesses after a van dropped a load of rubbish outside one of their sites.

Teesside-based Scott Bros said incidents of domestic waste being commercially fly tipped has risen dramatically in recent months and is reminding householders of their legal responsibilities and to be aware of rogue operators.

Director Peter Scott estimates the amount of illegal rubbish left at their sites is enough to fill around ten large skips a year and, in one incident, one man caught dumping waste hurled stones at a member of staff who went to confront him.

He says the latest trend involves unauthorised carriers loading bulk bags of waste onto the back of a flatbed truck before tying the bags to a lamppost and driving off – to ensure a quick getaway and reducing the chances of being caught.

The Northern Echo:

CCTV of man dumped rubbish at Port Clarence

He said: “These unauthorised carriers are only interested in turning a quick profit and have a complete disregard for the environment, wildlife and in disposing of waste responsibly. They are blighting our towns and countryside. It is hard-pressed local councils that are responsible for cleaning-up the mess, a cost ultimately borne by the taxpayer.

“The public must be careful about who they allow to dispose of their waste and ensure they are properly licensed and satisfied as to where their waste will end up. It is the legal responsibility of residents and businesses to dispose of waste legally and safely.

“We are properly licensed to carry and recycle waste and is dedicated to doing it responsibly, so it is ironic that our sites are being targeted by these rogue operators.”

Householders are urged to check that tradespeople possess a valid waste carriers’ licence as well as the correct waste transfer notes before allowing the removal of any waste, otherwise they could find themselves facing a fine if it is traced back to them – even if they were not the ones responsible for the fly-tipping.