A DISABLED duck is back on her feet after overcoming the odds two weeks after a vet told a school to euthanise her

Jimmy the female duck has battled back from pneumonia, but was left with a lame right leg and close to death – despite antibiotics and steroids from the vet .

She became part of St Stephen’s CE Primary School in Willington along with seven other Khaki Campbell and Pekin ducklings adopted by the school in March.

Jimmy was a school favourite but when her health started to decline students and staff were devastated.

She was taken in by the school’s business manager Deborah Wilson which earned her the nickname ‘Mama Duck’.

Mrs Wilson and her husband allowed the duck to live in their spare bedroom for two weeks where she received around the clock care.

She said: “Jimmy was such a fighter and she miraculously pulled through but was left with a bad limp and a twisted neck.

“Jimmy began to become a bit of a celebrity in the community as we posted regular updates about her health on our school Facebook page and parents and children were always desperate to know how Jimmy was.”

Jimmy struggled to walk but Mrs Wilson – a keen crafter – created a wheelchair to allow her to join the school's flock of ducks. She used piping to create the frame and created a harness from an idea on Pinterest.

The school team tried to reintegrate Jimmy, but she was being ignored by the rest of the flock.

Youngsters at the school rallied around Jimmy and ensured a mirror was beside her to make it seem like she had a fellow duck friend.

Year six pupils Jak Kestle and Matthew Johnson are known to the school as the ‘duck whisperers’. Teachers said they were a crucial part of the duck’s recovery.

Jak said: “I know how to look after ducks because my uncle used to have them and I used to help him. Jimmy is very cute and she’s the best duck in the world.”

Matthew’s hard work paid off when he was allowed to keep pet guinea pigs after his parents saw him caring for Jimmy.

Head teacher Alison Richardson said: “It was never in our plan to become duck parents but we all fell in love with Jimmy.”

The school is fundraising to buy equipment to cater to Jimmy’s needs and plan to eventually reintegrate her with the flock.

To find out how to donate call 01388-746426.