A RESIDENT is demanding answers after the junction of a busy roundabout was missed during a road marking scheme.

Work was carried out from February to April to improve road markings and signage at the A66 Blands Corner roundabout, in Darlington.

The aim of the scheme was to improve clarity by marking the lanes on the six-exit roundabout, next to Blackwell Grange gold club, after drivers reported being “cut up” by other motorists using the same exit from a different lane.

The Northern Echo:

However, Darlington resident Frank Morton noted the A167 Croft Road junction has not been repainted.

He said: “You come along the road towards Blands Corner, but they haven’t put any markings to which lane to go into.

“You go into the left lane to go straight across and end up being cut up by people in the right lane to go straight across.

“There’s a massive sign telling you which lane to go into but you can’t see that for trees.

“We need to make it a safer road junction for drivers by having arrows on the road surface clearly telling you which lane to use.

“If you go to Blands Corner at peak times and watch drivers use the roundabout, at the minute it’s an absolute disaster.”

Mr Morton has contacted both Highways England and Darlington Borough Council to find out why the Croft Road junction was not repainted with the other junctions and has so far received mixed responses.

He said: “ I have spoken to Highways England and they enlightened me that A167 Croft road belongs to Darlington Borough Council.”

A Darlington Borough Council spokesperson said: “The works at A66 Blands Corner roundabout were designed and delivered by Highways England, which is responsible for that junction.

“We will raise the issue with them and investigate whether anything further is needed to address concerns.”