A YOUNG eco warrior on a mission to clear up litter in her town - and help save the planet - has been nominated for a string of awards.

Spurred on by a documentary about climate change, Fay Priestley, of Consett, decided to buy a litter picker with her pocket money and has already been making a difference.

Durham county councillor Alex Watson, said: "As a 10-year-old, she is being a role model for the senior citizens of our community, as well as youngsters who litter.

"She has seen the problem and taken the initiative. She is an amazing young girl and I have nominated her for the Consett Police Young Heroes Award, a Civic Pride Award and I plan to put her name forward for an environmental award through the Derwent Valley Partnership."

Mum Louise Priestley said: "We are so proud of her. Faye always been very aware of environment and loves watching David Attenborough.

"A couple of weeks ago we watched his documentary about climate change and it really struck a chord with her.

"She was quite emotional watching it and woke up the next morning and spoke about how the world is becoming damaged and we really need to take more care of it."

She added: "We were coming back from school one night and she was very quiet in the car.

"She said to me: 'mum you know why I’ve been so quiet. I have just been counting all the litter from school. There were 294 pieces of litter. It’s terrible we don’t take more care of the environment'."

"She asked me to use her pocket money to buy a litter picker and has taken it upon herself to try and clear up the streets of Consett."

In three weeks Faye has filled ten bags, with her mum and dad Daryll helping sort out recycable materials.

Fay said: "We need to try and save the environment. Everyone should play their part.

"Everyone should be concerned, because in years to come the world will be a different place, because of climate change and humans ruining the world."

Mandy Scott of Consett's AA Flags has sponsored Consett Eco Warrior t-shirts for Fay and her parents, while the county council has provided her with extra bags.